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Due to requests for GF information related to "Kosher Brand" foods from vendors such as Hadar, Emzee, Mishpacha and others, we are asking our readers to please let us know if you have researched any of these company's products.

If you have please email us so we can share with everyone. An effort is also being made to work with the OU, Star-K, cRc, OK and other kashrus organizations to start compiling GF lists.

If you would like to volunteer to help in this effort, please email us and let us know.

Welcome to The FrumCeliac where we are dedicated to assisting the Celiac (Gluten Free) who conforms to the laws of Kosher

Cooking With Celiac
Feeling overhwhelmed about cooking or baking with Celiac restrictions? We're here to help you make it easy!


Making a Connection
We are always looking to put people in touch with one another so they can reach out and help. See how you can assist your neighbors


My Experience
One of our newest projects is 'My Experience'. This section of the website is where we will have stories from REAL people of how they reacted when they were diagnosed with Celiac, and how those around them reacted. We hope this will give chizuk to those recently diagnosed with Celiac.
Information Features

  • Prometheus has a new home test which checks for the genes associated with celiac disease.
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  • Need a website to send friends to who need to understand Celiac Disease?
  • Health food store in Malcha Mall has many GF products
  • See what the Celiac Sprue Association has to say about Hospital Stays Made Safe
  • National Institutes of Health (NIH) Celiac Disease Awareness Campaign
  • Traveling to Israel? 
  • Gluten Free drug list made Los Angeles Kollel Peasch list and other GF groups
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